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Alabama auto body parts Alaska auto body parts Arizona auto body parts Arkansas auto body parts California auto body parts Colorado auto body parts Connecticut auto body parts Delaware auto body parts Washington, DC auto body parts Florida auto body parts Georgia auto body parts Hawaii auto body parts Idaho auto body parts Illinois auto body parts Indiana auto body parts Iowa auto body parts Kansas auto body parts Kentucky auto body parts Louisiana auto body parts Maine auto body parts Maryland auto body parts Massachusetts auto body parts Michigan auto body parts Minnesota auto body parts Mississippi auto body parts Missouri auto body parts Montana auto body parts Nebraska auto body parts Nevada auto body parts New Hampshire auto body parts New Jersey auto body parts New Mexico auto body parts New York auto body parts North Carolina auto body parts North Dakota auto body parts Ohio auto body parts Oklahoma auto body parts Oregon auto body parts Pennsylvania auto body parts Rhode Island auto body parts South Carolina auto body parts South Dakota auto body parts Tennessee auto body parts Texas auto body parts Utah auto body parts Vermont auto body parts Virginia auto body parts Washington auto body parts West Virginia auto body parts Wisconsin auto body parts Wyoming auto body parts The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that there are more than six million traffic accidents per year in the USA.  Largely for this reason, the auto body parts market continues to thrive.  Insurance companies write off many damaged vehicles as "totaled;" these automobiles are usually towed off to junk yards where certain auto parts are salvaged for resale.  Auto body shop owners and savvy consumers know that these salvage yards sell used auto body parts for a fraction of their original price.

car bumpers The auto detailing industry is an important secondary market for interior and exterior car parts.  Rather than trading in a well-running car after a few years, many car owners are opting instead to have their cars refurbished.  This often involves in-depth cleaning of carpets, seat upholstery, and other interior surfaces as well as exterior washing and hand-waxing.  It may include replacement of worn carpeting and other interior surfaces as well as repair of dents, dings, and rust spots.  A variety of auto body parts may be required to complete the detailed refurbishing project.

automobile headlight Auto body repair shops and car dealers are the primary customers for auto body products, but many car owners repair and modify their own vehicles as well.  Has your car been damaged in an auto accident or do you want to customize your car's exterior?  On, you can find sources for aftermarket and OEM repair parts as well as custom parts and accessories.

automobile tail light Browse the auto body part manufacturers and dealers for specifications and photos, as well as prices and online ordering of parts for most automobile makes and models.  Whether you are looking for automotive exterior parts (such as body kits, ground effects, and spoilers), interior parts (such as steering wheels and floor mats), or vehicle lighting products, you can find suppliers of these items listed below.

Two Cars Are Involved in an Automobile Accident

Auto Body Parts Dealers

  • Parts Train
    Find the right body parts and accessories for your car, whatever the make or model.
  • CertiFit Autobody Parts
    Provider of replacement auto body parts to the collision repair industry in North America.
  • JC Whitney
    Find a wide range of car body parts and automotive accessories at this popular online shop.  Whether it's body trim, bumpers, headlight trim, or repair panels, this auto parts dealer stocks these parts for most makes and models.

red spoiler for sports car
Rear Spoiler for Sports Car

Auto Body Parts Manufacturers

automobile door panel
  • TRW Automotive
    Supplier of automotive safety products, developing and producing the industry's widest variety of active and passive systems.
  • Visteon
    OEM and aftermarket supplier of automotive systems, including chassis, climate, electronics, glass, interior, exterior, and powertrain.
  • Lear
    This automotive interior systems supplier focuses on integrating complete automotive interiors, including seat systems, interior trim, and electrical systems.
  • Faurecia
    Designer and manufacturer of 6 major auto body modules: seat, cockpit, door, front end, exhaust, and acoustic package.
  • Dow Corning
    Provides auto body components, chassis and brakes, electrical components, fuel and air systems, and powertrain products.
  • Tower International
    Global supplier of auto body structures and assemblies, suspension modules and systems, Class A surfaces and modules, and lower vehicle structures.
  • CarPak
    Manufacturer of body hardware and specialty fasteners for domestic and import vehicles, including automobiles and trucks.
  • Windsor Machine Group
    Specialty provider of automobile components including seating components, modular assemblies, rubber & plastic products, structural brackets & braces, wire form products, and stampings.
  • GM Parts and Accessories
    Offers genuine GM parts, designed and tested for the best performance in your GM vehicle.
  • Erebuni
    Innovator and leader in aerodynamic auto accessories offers a wide selection of spoilers, ground effects and wings.
  • SoffSeal
    Manufactures stock and custom weatherstripping and rubber detail items for GM, Chrysler, Ford, and other vehicles.
  • Tabco
    Designer and manufacturer of steel rust repair and restoration parts for cars, vans, and trucks.
  • Crown Automotive
    Manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for Jeep vehicles.
  • Omix-Ada
    Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Jeep replacement, restoration, and accessory parts.
  • West Coast Metric
    Manufacturer of restoration parts and accessories for Volkswagen vehicles.

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